Tools we wish were cheaper

Hi everyone,


I'm in the garden at home and I was looking at my gardening tools/equipment when i wondered how much I had spent as these things are expensive now a days. So I was wondering what tools people think are expensive and that they wish were cheaper whether you own it or not.


  • I guess your perception is that if you only use each tool for a small number of hours in any year, you may not be getting your money's worth. As I do a number of gardens, some quite large, and some of the work is quite intensive, perhaps I get a clearer view of the value of tools in terms of how much work I get out of them.

    I'm convinced that generally you get what you pay for. For instance, I tried to make do with a petrol strimmer that was always on the edge of being inadequate. For another £150 I've got a machine that will easily do everything I want.

    It's the same, with reservations, with hand tools. You can buy a spade for a few pounds in Homebase, but it won't be the same as a well-made stainless steel spade costing £30, which will make your work so much easier. The reservation is that some hand tools are made to be pretty or trendy, and can cost far more than they're worth.

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