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Talkback: Preparing the soil for planting



  • as we are preparing the site for next years potatoes has anyone idears how to get rid of the small slugs that have burrowed into most of my crop this year
  • I have recently taken on a disused allotment which the council have kindly rotavated,it is full of stones, bramble roots etc, where do i begin?
    As yet we have not had a chance to dig it over.
    Would it be best to dig it over and add compost from our own garden or is their a better way forward ?
    I look forward to starting on this project as soon as the rain has stopped and weeds grow back, i wish my husband was as enthusiastic as myself !
  • have taken over a new allotment but am waste high in weeds do i use glysphate to kill every thing or just dig
  • This morning I picked the last of my runner beans, and gathered in my Pumpkins as we had a ground frost last night and the leaves on the Pumpkins were affected. Quite a good crop again, 6 big ones and 3 smaller ones. I have put them all in my shed for now as I need some help to carry them home. Last year One of my Pumpkins was used as a football by some local yobs and I found what was left of it at the end of the track . I reported to the other allotment members , but it is just a waste of time reporting to the local council as they cannot do anything about it. At least my shed is safe!!(touch wood) !! I hope to plant my Garlic cloves soon, once I have prepared the ground . I have 4 compost bins to be cleared with some help from my daughter, hopefully at half-term . My soil is very sandy and light, easy to dig , but drains away very quickly in the summer . So it needs lots of compost. I collected some manure earlier in the year from a local stable, left it in the bags to rot down and it started to sprout oats!! After reading the comment about weed killer in manure perhaps I had better stick to my own compost. bye for now Eve.
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