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buying a new shed

My current shed is falling apart and I have decided to replace it with a bigger one, looking at 8ft x 6ft. Please could you advise me on whether to choose wood or metal. Security is an important factor as I will store my lawn mower and strimmer in the shed. I would like to know what your preference is and the reasons for your preferred choice.


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 17,521

    We made the mistake of asking a locally advertised  shed making man to make us a shed 8x6'. 

    Not only was it not 8x6' it leaked like a sieve form every conceivable orifice. New, extra, felt on the roof solved one problem. But the timber was dotted with knots and they fell out in the sun, leaving spyholes everywhere. Then the tongue and groove started to warp and spring apart, allowing yet more water to enter. Finally, we discovered that he had used only short lengths of timber as bearers so the floor began to sag.

    They say support your local industries. Pah!

    One good thing about timber is you can attach as many shelves and hooks as you want - is that the same with metal?

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • Check out the thread."new allotment OMG" there's lots of talk on there about sheds. It's like everything else in life; you must weigh up time v money. Security wise, my shed doesn't have windows but it has a "frosty clear" panel in the roof for light. Unless your numbers have come up the metal shed you get would probably be openable by tin-opener. I agree the options are many and varied but I think sheds should be wooden just because they should. If it's not going to be right outside your window you could always consider a container. Check out Gumtree.

  • That's the downside Tetley. I live in a very rural area and they can often be spotted behind outbuildings. Not pretty but secure and reasonably priced. One could always camouflage it with a big flowery terpullian!image (I really know someone who says it that way!)

    Why did you advise a flat roof? Is it easier? And why minimal drop? Sorry if this shoud be obvious but that puzzled me....not that I'm suggesting a shard you understand!!!!image

  • Thanks for your advice, first thing I'll do is make a base.

  • It's the only way I can justify taking perfectly good solid wood doors off my house just cos I hate them!!!! And buying beautifully bevelled glass ones at auction cos they were really really cheap!!! image I'll get back to you on roofing. I have enough for about 10'x10'.

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