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Choisa cuttings

Has anyone been successful taking cuttings from choisa Sundance, and is it the right time I've been ok with rosemary and lavender in the past but I reckon the are easy  just stuck them in the soil and crossed my fingers image


  • Yes, I took some when an inherited shrub blew down in a gale.  It was some time ago but I think it was probably a bit earlier........maybe July/Aug ?

    Nice bushy shrub now which flowered this year.

    Take as many as you can.........the theory being that at least 1 will rootimage

  • l 'll have a go philippa only my time wasted and that's not expensive these days image

  • Which Sumner Verdun this one or next image

  • Thanks tetley I'm nothing if not a tryerimage meant to be a nice day tomorrow so it's gardening all the way

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,159

    I had a lovely choisya that died after a very severe frost - -32C - which killed off other shrubs too.  Have't bought another as I didn't want to risk it again but a kind friend gave me a small shrub this spring, grown from a cutting and it now has pride of place in a pot in the terrace so I can shelter it over winter.

    In other words, cuttings are possible.  Good luck.


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