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update...greenhouse on breezeblocks..attaching base???

Update - a while back i questioned about erecting a 6 x 10 ft glass greenhouse - sitting it on breezeblocks to give it extra height..and also not wanting a 'step in' instead extending the length of the door etc..

I received some very helpful replies from various members.

I have now laid to rows of breezeblocks ( med - high density ) laying them flat and crucially..hopefully..all square and level!

My question is this...I want to bolt onto the breezeblocks ( once cement is dry etc ) the 'aluminum?' base which the greenhouse came with. Realise I dont have to do this and could attach frame straight onto my level breezeblock wall..but seeing as the whole point was to add height may as well use the base.

So - How do I attach the base to the breezeblock wall? Can I simply...drill?? into the aluminum base ( easy? ) and raw plug the breezeblocks? Any ideas? best...strongest method ? Any particular screw??  a normal..wall rawplug...?

The greenhouse came with...along with typical complicated instructions!!... 6 metal..I call them 'spikes' but just metal guessing i should..if i could of..cement/stuck into the ground. Annoyingly the metal 'spikes' are for the Im not going to be using them..I still HAVE TO cut the metal 'spikes' in order to use the piece with the 2 screw holes which are needed as corners for the base. I mean all this..because..Im not 100% thats what they are for? Any thoughts? Came in the base box, 6 metal 'pieces' about 12 clearly meant for the corners of the base i just cut these? question..quickie if you know the answer..cutting aluminum. Not just the unwanted portion of the 'spikes/metal pieces' but part of the Base where the door goes dont want a step a 2 ft portion needs to go. A little saw do the job?

Thoughts..musings...answers...more than welcome. Thanks for your times. Waiting on breezeblock wall to dry out before i start next stage..and yes..have taken photos to share..once all up and level etc etc



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    I cut aluminium with the appropriate blade on the jigsaw.

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    The spikes are to go into the ground either in soil or concreted in. You could still use them by drilling out appropriate holes in the breezeblocks then making up a fine grade concrete filling then fitting spikes in. I would be more tempted to cut them off and use screws and rawl plugs every foot or so. 2" screws will be fine. Regards to the door, is it on hinges? Or does it slide? If it slides does it not require the 'step' for it to be correctly supported and guided when closing? If it's hinged, then you will essentially be leaving that '2 ft portion' as a hole? What's your plan to keep it sealed?

    The step is a pain granted, but if you have the space how about making a gradual ramp of maybe 3 or 4 foot up to the lip of the frame? It would be very gradual and there's no step and less headache than cutting the frame up! Also not sure what that will do to the stability, the greenhouse gets it's strength from the box frame at it's base, which you plan to compromise. Think very carefully before cutting the frame, there's no going back !!!!

    Hope I've helped you have a few more thoughts. Oh, I have a dremel so I use that to cut aluminium. How ever I'm sure a fine toothed hacksaw blade would do as well. Wouldn't recommend a junior hacksaw, you'll be there for weeks! Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Brummie, what is a dremel please?

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It's a brand of small tools set with a motor and a large number of different tools you can attatch to it. Small, so you can easily hold it, but not suitable for very big works - good for the aluminium as suggested I shoudl imagine. 

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Thank youimage

  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Brummieben, thank you for you reply..and keeping this thread alive!! The two high breezeblock wall is still drying out..and intend on painting it..but this time next week I should have my greenhouse up and running!

    Now - you mentioned about the greenhouse gets its strength from the...base? the frame?...naturally this is a worry...would be very intrested to hear from anyone else regarding you mentioned...once I cut the base and the thinner alminumin frame where the door ( sliding door ) goes..well..thats to speak...cant go back.

    I to nothing about construction..would surely...the thin strip where the door goes..surely that isnt going to give the greehouse strength...i mean...IF i secure the base...screw it much as possible..and yes i also thought about inserting some of the 'spikes' into the breezeblock and then cementing them in... but surely...once the actual frame is placed on top of the will be as secure as theres a 2 foot gap missing...thoughts MORE THAN WELCOME.

    I have it in my head to do this..ive left a gap for the door..i dont want a step in..period! ...I know..more fool me!!

    A DREMEL...should I be buying this tool? to cut the ..base etc? Will check fine toothed hacksaw.

    So..any thoughts attaching the base to the breezeblock i simply drill into the base? easy to do....or not? and aside from a few spikes I may try to cement in...for a start the front of the greenhouse is going to sit exactly on the very edge of the beezeblock wall..hase too because of the sliding door i rawplug it as well in places?

    Once again all thoughts more than welcome..and very intrested to know others thoughts about comprimising the structure if i cut a gap for the door.


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    garjobo, can you upload some photos? My builder and I put up a greenhouse last spring, so I know a tiny bit; but other people who know more would be able to help, I think, if they could see what is happening.

  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Photos taken - still to upload however - at the moment its just a wouldnt be of much help i dont think..saying that...i will tomorrow upload a photo.

    Essentially, a breezeblock wall, 2 high ( laying flat ), have measured and left a gap for where the door will be.

    The base will laying on top of the breezeblock wall, roughly laying in the middle of the breezeblock..apart from at the front ( because obviously it needs to be level with the front for the sliding door to slide ) .

    So, all I'm asking is...(a) Will cutting 2 ft of the base and 2ft of the thin alminum frame ( for the door ) weaken the structure?

    (b) What shall I use to bolt down the base onto the breezeblocks? Tempted to drill a big hole an insert/cement a few of the 'spikes'. Also have to rawplug??? the base into the wall. Ok to do that?? Do I simply drill through the aluminum base? Doesnt appear to be any pre-drilled holes.

    Will worry about lengthing the sliding door/sealing it/ makng a make-shift slider..another time. Main concern is cutting this base/frame. ( and any decent tool to cut alminum??

    Thanks again.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    garjobo, do you know anyone who works in metal, I think aluminium people are called 'tig welders' then you could get them to make a 'U' shaped piece to accommodate the base of the new door frame, OR you could buy the appropriate profile of shaped alli and cut and bolt it yourself? This is all a bit guess worky without seeing pics or a diagram.

  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    At the moment my main concern is bolting base to breezeblock and cutting the alminum esp the base section. 

    Re the doorframe and contacting tig welders etc..thats all out of my league and budget im afraid! I will mess about with the door iteself/extend etc


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