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Azalea in need of TLC

Whilst waging war on my Japanese anenomes I found what looks like a very sad azalea buried beneath them. I've moved it to another site in the garden to prevent it getting smothered again (hopefully it will survive the move!) and given it some ericaceous feed, but wondering when and how severely to prune it to get it feeling a bit happier. It looks like only the branches high enough to see sunlight past the anemones have developed any leaves this year, the centre part is looking rather forlorn! 




  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    You don't prune azaleas they don't grow from old wood, make sure to water it in dry spells and feed it in springimage
  • Most of my garden is around pH 7 (apart from my very alkaline veg patch) but my camellias and other azaleas seem to get on ok with appropriate feeding!
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