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Fasold beans, any good?

I am growing Fasold climbing  beans on a warm sunny windowsill until they are a bit bigger and the soil warms up,planning to train up a wigwam,to give height and interest to an otherwise flower border, but since I sowed, Ive read that some people have had a disappointing result with them. Anyone grown them and if so were they any good?image


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,071

    Hi Betty, I grew them a few years ago and the first year they cropped well, but the year after the weather wasn't so good and they were a bit disappointing.  The purple flowers were rather nice though.  I switched to growing Cobra after that which doesn't seem as fussy, but still need a decent summer to crop well.

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  • Well, I'll give them a go and see, its all part of the fun and intrigue!! Looking forward to seeing the flowers even if the veg doesn't live up to my expectationsimage Thank you for the feedback! ( It will be a challenge anyway, as we have a pair of ducks that trample the flowerbeds two or three times a day on their way to the back door for their breakfast, lunch and supper! Between those and my barmy cocker spaniel Stan it will be a miracle if anything comes up!! Wouldnt be without any of them!!)

  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 512

    I grew them last year and they were hopeless, but so was the weather, which must have been the reason. Mine only grew to about 1ft tall and had a couple of weedy beans on. Good luck with yours, I hope the sun shines and you get a good crop.

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