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Mother in Law's tongue shrivelled leaves

 Hi plant experts!

About 2 months ago my boyfriend and I bought a Mother in Law's tongue. We keep it inside next to a window and on weekends when it's sunny we put him outside in the sun for a few hours. 

The problem is that it's leaves are shrivelled and have a couple of dark spots on them.

The pot we have is like a self watering pot were you put the water in the base of the pot. More details on the pot here: 

Please help. We really don't want him to die.



  • Sorry I cant see your photos but I suspect too much water. Leaf shrivelling is a sign of too much or too little.  I barely water mine.

  • I'd say the same. They are desert plants. Mine lives on a north facing windowsill near a radiator and gets a splash of water when I remember, which isn't often. Can't give more than a splash as it is about to burst its pot. They thrive on benign neglect!

  • Thanks for the replies so far! We'll cut down on the watering. I have changed the preferences on the photos so they should be viewable now, in case anyone can give me a more definitive diagnosis. 

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,956

    Don't all mothers in law have shrivelled tongues? 

    Or was that just mine?  image  image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Buttercupdays, you may get yours to flower by leaving it potbound. Mine cracked its pot and I still left it in it, and then it flowered. They smell gorgeous.



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  • I like plants that can take a bit of neglect! It's not that I don't care, just that there are so many other things to do! Yucca is another one. I had a large one that had outgrown its space and threatened your eyes whenever you walked past. My daughter now has it for her new flat (loft living suits it!) but a tiny shoot got knocked off in the moving process. I potted it up and now I have a new baby yuccaimage Aspidistra too, the 'cast iron' plant and bilbergia will survive on very little attention. Though I 've been giving my bilbergia just a little bit more TLC lately and now it's flowering again. The flowers are amazing, such an odd mix of colours, pink and green and blue!

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