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Hi All, I'm a recent convert to heuchera and as I have a mass of space I'd like to do a mass planting. I've vaguely googled but there seems to be a very limited variety of seeds available. Has anyone come across a good source; not only good quality but also lots of different types.



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    Chiltern seeds usually have a few but all those coloured cultivars don't come true from seed.

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  • Using seeds will restrict the types that you can get.  Most of the varieties available are cultivars and  will not come true from seed.  As such the only way to bulk up stock is via cuttings / division.  Although not instant it will only take a couple of years to get enough plants to cover a large area.  Plantagogo have a really good selection, but there are numerous good suppliers all bringing out new varieties all the time

  • I'm a cheapskate so I thought I'd keep the costs down by going the seed route. Ah well. I'll just mooch round peoples' gardens and offer swapsies.

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    I have had a few self seeders in the past couple of years, no success with what I think was saved seed from my plants!

    None survived for very long and they were terrible colours, nothing like their parents, very washed out coloured leaves!



  • How true, once you have a few plants they divide and multply very easy, but do be aware that Vine Weavll LOVE these plants if kept in pots and con and will destroy the roots.
  • Yes. I had Weevil drama a while back. I'll plant out the ones I have and then go at them when they're bigger.

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    They're so easy to grow from little bits you pull off ppauper, and fill out very quickly.

    If you need some - go on the Seed Swap thread - loads of people will be willing to send you some bits and bobs  image

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  • I didn't really like to as I'm only a newcomer and I thought I might look like a bit of a scrounger. I'll maybe dip my toe in and see if it gets a nibble....or bitten off! image I've had my nose bitten off already...can't afford to lose any more body parts image

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    The other idea is to buy a plant (or two)  and split them. They'll grow on over the winter into decent sized plants for putting out next year.

    Lots of places have sales at this time of year too and a plant bought now has had all season to grow, so it's a safe bet you'll get two or three decent bits from one plant - or even more  image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • An excellent idea. I'll maybe just do that.

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