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Black spot...

Last year the leaves on two honeysuckle climbers went black round the edges and had black spots on their leaves. One plant was worse than the other as the leaves went yellow. 

I started by taking off the affacted leaves but lost the battle and so severely pruned both down to a couple of ft from the ground last autumn and they got a good mulch in spring...well... in March actually.... we didn't have a springimage

They are now beginning to grow again. One is now nearly 6ft high and climbing up an arch. The other is sulking in a corner of the garden, shedding it's leaves and a lot of the one's left are yellowing with black spots.

Q is should I keep the healthy one which is beginning to get the occasional leaf with black spots on and if so how to do I treat it and is the older plant worth saving or only fit for the compost.


  • Are they in the right position? Honeysuckles are woodland plants and hate hot, dry, alkaline positions. They like deep, cool soil to root in,shade on their roots  and plenty of water, especially early and late in the season, as they would get under deciduous trees.In the wrong position, they are prone to disease.

    I'm no expert, but is this sooty mould, which feeds on aphid secretions?


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