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holly fern

hi holly fern seems to be dying. its in a pot and the leaves have went brown and crisp...any help would be appreciated..


  • How long have you had this plant, jimpy?

  • jimpypjimpyp Posts: 9

    1 week. i bought it like this thinking i could save it,,,

  • It could be still OK. Last year's leaves die off in the spring and the new ones start coming through. On the other hand, it could have died from drought in a small pot with no watering. Plant it out somewhere damp and hope for the best.

  • jimpypjimpyp Posts: 9

    Thanks wlll be definately somewhere damp as i live in glasgow,,lol..thanks again..



  • I'm sure it will be happy, jimp. I've seen it growing wild on Scottish mountains.

  • Terry007Terry007 Posts: 1

    My Holly Ferns are our door plants. I have notice some of them have long narrow twisted leaves that never mature. These leave seem to tough and narrow while the normal leaf is light and tender. What is the problem. Could this be signs of Root Rot?

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