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Angie 3Angie 3 Posts: 3

Hello everyone

Im in the fortunate recipt of a wisteria plant.  Its currently about 22inches high and growing in a clay pot. Looks very healthy and strong.  I have an out-building which we converted with a vine growing down one end.  The other end is a clear wall and I would love to grow it in the ground along and round the door.  However the building is quite old and Ive been told no way to grow it anywhere near it.  So, Im thinking in a large pot by the wall and train it up and along.  If I do this what size/type of container? And if I put the pot on the corner could I train it to grow either way down the wall?  Thankyou in advance for your time.



  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    Oh lucky Angie3!  Wisteria is one of my favourite plants and great fun because it responds so well when you prune it right.  I'm not an expert, but my first question would be why you shouldn't grow the plant in the soil and along the clear wall?  I can't think that it would do any more damage than the vine.  I know that you can grow wisteria in (large) pots but it is bound to be happier directly in the soil.

    On training it - we have a wisteria that is now ten years old and has been very happy to grow along wires wherever we wanted it to - a very obliging plant!  So I'm sure you'd be able to train it whichever direction you want it to go.

    The trick with wisteria (and you can read about this in lots of places) is to prune it twice a year;  the idea is to allow some long shoots to grow in the direction you want it to fill the space, but then to keep all the side shoots relatively short, to encourage them to form little stumpy spurs which is where the flowers will form.   Tell us what you decide to do with your plant and I'm sure lots of people will be only too happy to advise on pruning!

    Let us know how you get on...



  • madcatjomadcatjo Posts: 19

    Good advice from Rosie31. I too love Wisteria and although mine grows happily in a large pot and now has spread over the fence about 15 feet i always have to water and feed it whereas in the geound they are far less maintenance and even more vigorous.Not many people mention the perfime but mine has a beautiful fragrance too. Good luck with yours Angie 3.

  • madcatjomadcatjo Posts: 19

    please excuse typo's - really must read before submit is pressed!

  • Angie 3Angie 3 Posts: 3

    although mine grows happily in a large pot and now has spread over the fence about 15 feet

    Thankyou Rosie 31 and Madcatjo for your time.  Jo, how big is the pot your wisteria grows in? Ive got a friend coming over today who is a structural engineer and going to check the foundations of outside building so maybe pot or maybe ground!


  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    Oh yes, the fragrance!  Heavenly!  (Mine is just about to flower....I can't wait....)

  • madcatjomadcatjo Posts: 19

    Hi Angie3, the pot is terracotta and sort of vase shaped, thats smaller at the base and flaring out to the top -  is 22" wide at the top and 22" tall, not so huge which is why I feed it and keep it well watered.It has flowered really well this year.

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