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Garden Share- What a great idea!


I was just speaking to a neighbour who told me he let a Horticultural student from Askham Bryan College use his garden to practise his designs and planting schemes.  It was a win win for both him and the student who only had a rented flat in York and no garden.

I thought what a great idea for people who weren't keen on gardening, not as able anymore or had a garden too big to be fully used, and especially as there are always a huge waiting lists for allotments.  A great scheme for young gardeners, trainees,  or those would-be gardeners with no or little garden, or those like me running out of space to create new schemes.

I have discussed this with a couple of friends (non-gardeners, uninterested gardeners I might add) who said they thought it was a great idea and would happily share their garden with an enthusiatic gardener.  Both agree their gardens are bland and wouldn't mind the student/ enthusiatic gardener having free rein to borders so long as they didn't turn the whole garden into an allotment but happy for him or her to have a veg patch, flower borders etc. 

So if a local is looking for a garden plot to practice on, create, grow your own in North Leeds, Bardsey a village near Wetherby- please let me know your interests and reasons and I will pass on your contact details!

Hopefully others with none gardening friends could follow suit and persuade their friends to share their under-used gardens for the benefit of gardeners/students and the bees!



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    This may be a useful link (maybe just for gyo).

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    Update-The landshare site seems to be under used as most postings are years old.

    So if a keen gardener, student etc wants a south facing garden to grow flowers and vegetables at Bardsey near Wetherby let me know and I will arrange with the owner.

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