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Pond Edging

Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

Hello All

Anyone got any ideas for evergreen pond edging plants that would cover a black liner.

Its a refurb job on the pond and in the winter hate seeing the liner ...Weve used Stipa grasses in some areas and that seem to do fine.  The pond is at least  25 ft long and 12 ft wide so a fair size. 

Thank you All


  • auntie bettyauntie betty Posts: 208

    I've used bergenia cordifolia, various heucheras, various ajugas, hebes, prostrate conifers, ivies, carex pendula (any carex really), cotoneasters, geranium macrorrhizum, saxifraga urbium, stachys byzantina, euonymous fortunei, epimediums... to name a few! I'd suggest having each plant in a clump at least 24-30 inches across and choose 3 or 4 favourites to repeat in amongst the one-offs, to keep it unified.

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    Thank you Auntie Betty much appreciated image

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