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Pond advice

Atm I have a very small preformed pond with two fishes in. A goldfish and blue orfe. It fits them now, but in the future I want to give them a better home (and some friends).

The pond has a small wicker fence around it to prevent my cats from getting at them, and its hard to apprechiate the fish with that and where you have to stand to look in. I thought.. of having a raised pond at the bottom of the garden, beside the greenhouse. I can fit a 3ft x 4ft pond there. It will be surrounded on 2 sides by fence and the 3rd with the greenhouse.

I thought of putting heavy pots with plants around the 3 sides of the pond to prevent my cats from looking in. I haven't exacly thought of what could go around the 4th side..

On a side note, how many goldfish could I fit in the pond? I would love fancy goldfish. I don't know about depth yet. Advice, and examples are welcome.

I don't know if this is a good idea. Hence me coming here for advice. Apologies for sounding like a complete newbie image

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