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Okay, silly question here. We have a new 8x10 greenhouse and want to grow veg and flowers from seed. However, it is unheated (no electricity) and it seems like it's too cold for the seeds to germinate out there and we won't have enough window sills in the house for everything we want to plant. We don't want to miss the planting season waiting for it to warm up. What do people do? Should we just wait and get plug plants or stick with things that like to be planted in the cold, like beets and some lettuces?


  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    You can germinate seeds in the seed trays with plastic covers very easily in an unheated greenhouse,have germinated beans/cougettes tomatoes sucessfully this year.

  • The only silly question is asking my OH if he wants a cup of tea.  I tend to start my peas, beans, onions, carrots and beets out in the garden in pots ( to save the slugs getting to them) as I don't have a greenhouse, I then don't have to worry about hardening them off then.  Obviously I wait until after the last frosts, or when I think the last frosts will be, then sow in pots and wait.  With an unheated greenhouse, you can do this without watching the weather forecast religiously with a sheet of fleece handy.

    As for the planting season, that varies from year to year, you can still get lots of things in now if you get a wiggle on.  Don't forget if you sow veggies to do things like carrots, onions, brassicas, beets in succession so you don't get a glut of things all at once.  There's only so much cauliflower anyone can eat!

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    You could also invest in a solar heater - or a gas one, but the reality is tou don't need it.  Just keeping the frost and wind off the seed trays will be a huge help, use a cover in there and they will romp away.  Horticulatural fleece is very useful - or old net curtains if you have some. 

    No such thing as a silly question, all are interesting and useful to someone. 

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