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Clematis Suggestions

DeebugDeebug Posts: 12


Can anyone reccomend a couple of easy to grow, but nice Clematis?

I would like to put one on a wall and a second in a pot

(Farily hardy types, if this makes sense for these plants)

(new to gardening)


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Hello, there, welcome to the site, lovely to have new gardeners join the group.  Hope you come  to love gardening and get as besotted as the rest of us as time goes on.

    Clematis are a huge group of plants, there are very early pretty litttle alpina types, very hardy viticellas, and the less hardy large flowered ones.  That is only a tiny taster of the tyes available.  Much will depend on a) where you are, b) what type of soil you have, c) the postion you waant to grow them in - and so forth.  There are some wonderful web sites and books about this huge group of gorgeous plants, maybe a trip to your local lbrary would be useful?  I would not buy very small plugs, but decent sized plants whichever you chose, unless you somewhere under cover to bring them on for a year or two.  I tend to avoid markets as the plants have often come from hot houses to cold streets and then suffer from shock.  There are plenty to chose from in good garden centres and better yet, specialist nurseries which deal on line,.  You can pay almost anything from a fiver to a fairly large amount of money depending on the type you want. 

    We have three huge montanas, and luckliy the space to put them in as they get absolutely huge, plus a couple of late flowered ones, some non-climbing ones, a couple of winter ones and a couple of large flowered ones - so you see it not that easy to choose.  They are all worth the trouble to grow, some are far easier than others, which may be a good place to begin if you have not grown them before.  Having now thoroughly confused you I'll stop and let you look around and see what you really like.  Enjoy the search. 

  • elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 35

    We have a clematis Polish Spirit.  It is a lovely deepish purple and blooms well every year.  It never goes above six or seven feet and is very hard indeed.  Its a late bloomer that you prune to the ground every February.  A beautiful plant.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,052

    Booker has covered that pretty well Deev as it's a big subject ! I'd just add that the montanas flower at this time of year and are great for covering walls fences etc- they come in white and a variety of pink shades and pretty much just grow without needing much pruning unless necessary. You can put later flowering varieties in to grow through them too.There are so many others that it's impossible to make suggestions but I'd say decide what colours you like best and then take a look at the online specialists or a book where you will get plenty of info about height and aspect requirements. All Garden Centres and Nurseries stock good selections of clematis and if you take a look there from now onwards you'll see plenty of them in flower which may help make your decision slightly easier! They would need a bit of extra attention in a pot as  they require lots of food and water, so pick as big a pot as possible if you want to grow one this way.They are lovely plants and I'm sure you'll find two will never be enough!

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • DeebugDeebug Posts: 12

    Many thanks all for your suggestions and information...all noted image

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