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Chilli and Pepper plants.

This is the first year I have tried to grow these kinds of plants, i've got many others on the go, as I like to experiment and plant different kinds of plants.

These are a few of my too many chillies, I believe they are coming on 7 weeks old now.


These are my pepper plants, the one on the right is very small as it was dying off because I transplanted it way too early and shoved it out in a cold plastic greenhouse, where most the leaves died. I've since brought it back inside with the rest and it seems to be coming back to life image

Note also, I have removed the cotyledons (first leaves).

So really, I'm just looking for comments and tips from those of you have experience with these plants.. A few questions:

When should I be looking to transplant them to a bigger container / pot?

Should I plant them deeper so they aren't so tall and spindy?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    First instant comment-they look too wet-let them really dry out-empty those saucers-let them beg for water in a way-do not water again until they show signs of needing it-that could be easily be in 2 weeks image

  • Richard425Richard425 Posts: 4

    Yeah, I read about that somewhere. I had just watered them before I took that photo, thats why it's looks so wet, but thanks image

  • Chillies:)Chillies:) Posts: 6

    I'm growing chillies and peppers as well but my peppers aren't growing as well as the chillies! Have no idea why

  • PatsyDPatsyD Posts: 35

    Chillies seem quite happy in a smallish pot and to sulk if put into one that's too big so I wouldn't repot them until they seem to be about to burst out of these.

  • Jean5Jean5 Posts: 1

    i have grown chiliies for last 4 yrs, like you i just had a go,they like a hot aspect, they are slow to start put seem to grow all at once, they grow about 2ft high and will flower little white flowers, they wither and form the chilli, when they are at the fruit stage give them some tomatoe feed, the chillies are green then turn red, thats about end of august. hope this helps 

  • HuntertonyHuntertony Posts: 88

    Don't do what I did with mine... in fact I have made a few mistakes so far this season (this is my first proper chilli growing attempt as well). First, I also transplanted mine in the cold, which they didn't actually mind too much, though maybe I should not have sown them in January.

    My big mistake was putting half of them in an outdoor mini-greenhouse and closing the door on a sunny day. Didn't have many survivors, but luckily half were still on a south-facing windowsill and were fine.


     What varieries you trying? I have Little Elf (doing ok), Bulgarian Carrot (just starting to flower), Numex Pinata (still seedlings as a late second-sowing after I oven-cooked the first lot), and Uba Tuba (also close to flowering). Also had some Patio Fire and Apache F1's, but they also did not survive the "greenhouse effect".

  • I'm growing the pepper "tasty grill", chilli "numex twilight" and chilli "pinochios nose" mine about the same size as yours at the moment. I'm currently moving into the greenhouse during the day, and back into the house at night. It's just too cold for them at the moment. 

    Chillis are one of those plants that take forever to get going, then once they do they produce fruit readily, just wish we could get the temp up a bit.. 10  during the day and 3 at night just doesn't cut it!

  • Richard425Richard425 Posts: 4

    I have only got peppers which are 'F1 Redskin' and chilli's 'F1 Gusto Purple' I should have thought about getting a bit more variety, but I also have tomatoes and cherry tomatoes on the go, lemon seeds and some sun flower seeds germinating at the minute, sunflowers have just popped up image

    I know what you mean though Andy, bloody weather is just so inconsistant!


  • I have got gusto purple chilli peppers that are purple at the moment. Can I pick them at purple or should I wait until they turn red &I what is the taste difference between the two

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    The riper chillies are, the hotter they are, so pick them to suit your own heat tolerance is my advice. image

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