Pruning lilac

Hi, we have just bought a new house with a big overgrown garden. It coUldnt be more different from my old little garden that comprised mainly of perennial flowers. There are lots of well established but overgrown shrubs that I don't know what to do with.

I am after some tips on the best way to prune a lilac at this time of year it has over 30 stems and is approaching 20 feet tall. It's huge. I was thinking of cutting 1/3 of it to the ground. I've just been out to look at it and this might be tricky as the stems are really close to each other. 

Any advise would be great.


  • Think long term... choice is remove it altogether and remodel the garden to your design rather than the previous owner's. Or, if you want to keep it cut it all down to the ground and it should regrow to a more sensible size with your help. I don't think this would kill it. If it does then revert to plan A.

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