North Facing Front Garden

Hi All,

Having finally managed to get somewhere with the rear garden, the wife and myself have decided to do something with the front. At the moment it is just a moss covered semi grassed slope. It is North facing and as such is in shade for most of the day.

I have considered planting it up with a variety of ferns, hostas and mahonia giving it an exotic style look combined with a shrubbery. Would these plants be ok in this sort of position and has anybody got any other suggestions to add a bit of colour to my green selection.

Thanks in advance


  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,032

    Agree that ferns, Hostas & Mahonia will all do well.

    Dont forget though that the very end of the garden, unless shaded by the house, will actually be S facing & so should get more light. That can influence the choice & success of some plants. With that aspect the best colour will usually be in the spring when any overhead tree canopy is less.

    Heucheras, hardy geraniums- lots to choose, spring bulbs, tellima, epimediums, lamiums, vincas- the last 3 all excellent ground cover. Bergenias, ajugas, japanese anemones.

    If soil acid/neutral then for shrubs- azaleas- lots of sizes & colours available. Skimmias, forsythia, acuba, chaenomeles- ok may not flower as well as if in sunnier spot. Ribes too. Hydrangeas- the lacecap types good if some soil moisture. I've even got a couple of Weigelias in N & NW facing borders. They both get some extra light from the side aspects & do well.

    Hope that gives you some ideas. J.

  • Brunnera, might add some nice colour, especially a variagated form like "jack frost". The leaves are nice and bright, and the pretty little forget me not style flowers are nice.

  • Thanks for the replies, will be looking into all of your suggestions to add some colour. Definately thinking about planting some Hydrangeas in after your comment jo4eyes. I will let you know how it goes

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