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Aechmea Blue Rain

i need help with my  Aechmea Blue Rain  please

i bought it from a supermarket about 2 months ago and it was fine until last week. i noticed that the leaves all the way up and turning brown and that the top two flowers are brown.i was filling the top cup with water but the soil itself was bone dry. i stood it in water for half an hour with all my orchids (i do this about once a month) and then let the excess drain off. i dont know if i have over watered it or underwatered it. it is such a pretty plant i would hate to lose it. i have also noticed that the last two days there has been a sticky sap on the table that it is standing on.. help please     atwickwitch


  • These kind of bromeliads are monocarp, wich means that they only flower once, and the  die...image. So, if the flowers are fading, it could be that it's just concluding it's lifecycle... I'm not a bromeliad-expert though, so i'm sure somebody else knows better what's happening.

  • hi thanks for the reply

    does this mean that when the flowers have died off does that mean the plant will die aswell? i have kept all sorts of houseplants for years but never this kind before  regards atwickwitch

  • The main plant will die, but it may form small plantlets at its base which will flower in a few year's time.image

  • thankyou. i will try and keep it alive...will the plantlets be easy to spot and when will they appear? would they be there once the flower dies off or before. i cant see any there at the moment 

    it was reduced at the supermarket and the label said "out of date" which i thought was daft at the time. now i know why.... regards atwickwitch

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