Invasion!!!! Already frustrated!!!!

Hi all. Invasion is happening!!!! My raised bed that was slug free last year is inundated already, I have laced with pellets as the dog can't get to this. However last night they were on my paths and on my flower beds and even on the slate in my Hosta pots!! This has always worked before. 


I need cheap home made solutions as I can't put pellets everywhere the dog will helpfully Hoover them up!!! Please help. Any ideas. I'm going away for 4 nights and don't want to return to munched plants!!!!

my poor courgette and French beans are missing half a leaf each!!!!!! image



  • Nick WinnNick Winn Posts: 9

    put down broken egg shells and/or salt, or try putting a fine mesh barrier or even fleece around the plants. Bury it into the ground a bit so they can't get past it.

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Hi Red Dahlia, are you a recent convert to gardening? I ask this because sometimes just lawn does little to attract slugs and snails and then the minute we go and buy tasty cultivated plants, the little buggers breed like no ones business and in just a year or two, we suddenly notice them.

    If this is not the case, I have used the blue pellets for a number of years successfully as well as piles of grit on the most susceptible plants in my garden, but I've also noticed that the slugs and snails are avoiding the pellets more these days, they seem to live right along side them, or is that my imagination?

  • 2 years I have had the bed and boarders. I was wondering about trraps to sink into the soil made from plastic bottle bottoms. But what is more alluring to slugs than my plants aNd that lasts longer than beer.  Jam??

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 14,523

    I have noticed that both slugs and snails seem to be attracted to the seed mix bird food I put out. They even climb the bird tables to get to it as well as eating .the ground feed I put down. This seems to be an environmentally friendly way to lure the horrors to a pit trap sunk into the ground with a cover in the form of a piece of slate or stone sat a reasonable height above the entrance to keep out rain. I haven't tried it myself but it may work. Any beasties trapped can then be disposed of.

    May you find a lucky four leaved clover in your garden today. There is a 1:10000 chance!
  • Wondering about something sweet or whiney, maybe I'm thinking of wasps! Just v eager to do something that can hide in the dark back bits of my boarders!!! 

  • witchwitch Posts: 30

    Hi , I have found putting copper wash up scourers round plants helps ,  and have heard of beer traps.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    Take one pair of scissors.  Go out at night with a torch and cut them in half.  They will be gone by the morning.  No pellets, no cost.  Result.

  • it's just I am away. It's always the night job when I wee the dog to go round!!! Think I will just have to lay pellets while I am away and hope!!! 


    Little so and so's, worked too hard this year to let it get eaten now!!

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I would go for either Verdun's or Welshonion's suggestions, in my experience they are the most effective way of controlling slugs and snails. An early spreading of blue pellets helps before the blighters have had the chance to lay eggs, but this really needs to be done around mid February. 

    If you can't do that I'd suggest putting pellets under something heavy that your dog can't get to but the slugs can. I have one large container where I know slugs like to hide but it's easy to deal with them there by just using salt all the way round the base. There are many ways of dealing with them and it's really just a matter of finding a solution that you're comfortable with and that works best for you. Oh, and keep an eye on the Hosta's, the slugs absolutely love them.

  • I know. They hit my favourite green leathery one when it started to unfurl. They are going to be moved into the gravel while I am away and I will again douse the slate in pellets whilst I am away!! 

    last night the slime trails on the raised bed was an eye opener! And the French beans in trug tubs had a hole in the leaf despite liberal pellets around the plants

  • Johnny DeeJohnny Dee Posts: 3

    Eat lots of Chinese takeaways, keep and dishwash the metal food trays then cut into strips and tack along the side of the raised bed planking. They won't cross these strips!





  • Licence to eat takeaway!!! Great idea. Wonder if you could put a circle around baby cabbages??

  • Went on holiday last week and on my return my lovely cabbage plants have been reduced to skeletal stalks! An old man at the GC says he swears by bird cage gravel. Organic (I have toddlers) and very sharp. Have put some around my spinach today. Fingers crossed.

  • Copper strips around raised bed.  Paint raised bed with bitumen paint (they won't cross it).

    Short term solution for while you are away, use the pet-friendly slug pellets, sharp grit and gravel around baby plants, and get hold of some guttering - if you can't wait, go out and get some from somewhere like B&Q, cut it into  a few 1ft long lengths.  Put it in the areas where the slugs like to congregate, upside-down, with pellets underneath.  The slugs will head for this around sunrise, as they need somewhere dark and damp to hide so they don't get baked to death in the sunshine.  The pellets should do the rest.

    You can use the same trick when you're at home, just omit the pellets.  Go out just before you go to work, and turn the guttering over to give the birds some breakfast, or have a bucket of saltwater or a weeding knife ready to despatch them.

    Given you have a dog, I would seriously consider using nemaslug, as slugs carry lungworm which can be fatal for a dog - make sure all of the dog's toys are inside at night, as even the slime trails they leave behind can have the eggs in.  Ask your vet if lungworm has reached your area yet when you go in for their annual checkup/boosters.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    Somewhere on this forum there is a garlic solution; as far as I remember, you boil an entire head of garlic, slightly crushed, in a litre or so of water then when it is cool, add small amounts to the watering can.

  • Brill thanks! Won't have time tonight but will try

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 502

    Coffee. Make a strong brew, no decaff, use it to water the plot. Repeat for a few days. Caffeine kills slugs. More useful ideas here


  • Jigsaw GillJigsaw Gill Posts: 83

    Steep hill that's an interesting one I'll try. We like strong coffee at breakfast and I use the grinds around the edge of all my pots now and find that works better than anything else for me, but will try the watering now as well.

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