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Talkback: Late harvest

my corgettes have been doing well for the last 2months, must be the sunny seaside weather!


  • I'd love to know what I can start growing now - either to produce veg for the winter - or to get ready for spring.
  • I am new to growing veg being lucky enough to buy a house in an acre of land last December. We quickly got to work digging some veggy beds not thinking that we would yield much this year. To my surprise we have had a good crop of spinach and a whole sack of potatoes. Despite the beds being flooded (up to a foot of water) twice over the summer, the marrows have been amazing and I now have a few dozen jars of marrow chutney! My next challenge is to try to germinate some parsnips next year as they failed to even get going - any tips?
  • Discovered recently that you can extend the life of horticultural fleece by machine washing (in a net
    bag) at 40 degrees. Comes out like new!
  • At the end of this month i am going to sow some broad beans for an early crop next year, i will of course have to protect them as the frosts appear but theres nothing like fresh beans covered in a lovely white sauce on a cold spring day.
  • Have just put some cabbage plants in my new veg plot the first crop to go in! What else can i grow through the winter?
  • Got my De-icer at the ready for morning the car was like an ice cube this morning, we were in the garden all day yesterday with summer vest tops on (Sunday). We've got some late potatoes in tubs ready hopefully for christmas fleece is definitely needed now. I've just brought into the conservatory the tender plants that have been out for summer. Things are slowing up in the garden but the cucumber in the green house is still at full speed we've had a very good year in there this year, looking forward to next.
  • I recently saw a very good offer for 2 small pear trees which could be grown in pots. This was for 1 each of Doyenne du Comice and Conference. Would I need to get 2 sets of these in order to get a good crop or would they pollinate each other? The cropping times are shown as September and October so I'm not sure.
  • My red chilli plant has loads of lovely green chillies which are not going red anymore as the warm weather is over! (even in the South of France!).
    Can we still eat the green chillies as it seems crazy to get rid of them? They're quite hard!
  • I have found this also, my corgettes and outside toms have all of a sudden come into life again and thats up here in the north, do you think we are in for a late summer?!!!
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