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Getting rid of Blackberries

I have an unwanted blackberry plant growing in my garden. I'm not sure how it arrived, but it's right next to an old rose bush and almost in the middle of some emerging bulbs and flowers.

For the last couple of years, I've tried pulling it up but it appears again the following year. I don't want to dig up the soil at that spot too much because of the rose bush.

This year, when it appeared, I thought I'd try weed killer on it to kill the root, but that doesn't seem to be working either (it worked well on other weeds and unwanted herbs, though it took a couple of weeks). Some of its leaves have gone brown around the edges whilst others have continued to grow and more keep appearing.

Any suggestions that won't risk damaging the rose bush and nearby plants/bulbs? I know it's nice to have your own berries, but it's not wanted at this spot and is probably stealing nutrients from the soil that would better go to the flowers and bulbs.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Is it a bramble; that is a wild blackberry?  It sounds like it.

     The only reall way to get rid of it in that position is to dig it up.  Otherwise you will probably have to live with it there, and just keep cutting off the shoots.

  • Roots only go down a spade and a half.  They're very brittle, though, so you'd have to be careful to get all of the bits.  It can regenerate itself from the tiniest bit of root.  I'd dig out all that you can, each little bit that reappears will be a little bit weaker, and eventually it won't come up at all.

    You just have to be more stubborn than the bramble.

  • TomskTomsk Posts: 204

    Just an update to this problem. It looks like the blackberry bramble is dead, though perhaps it'll return next year.


    It was resisting weed killer spray, so what I did was tear up pieces of kitchen towel to cover the leaves and then sprayed it. The tissue soaked up more week killer and smothered the leaves so that more went in. It rained a few days later and between that and the wind, the paper came away, but the plant seems to be dying off properly. The whole thing is brown and shrivelling up now.

    There was actually a second branble a few feet away (unless it was the same one connected under ground) but I wasn't able to spray that as it was in the middle of a dense patch of sprouting flowers. So I just cut it back to the ground. No doubt it'll keep growing.

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