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lawn feed and weed

I threw the lawn weed and feed over the dandelions yesterday  and the starlings came down and was eating it will it do them any harm 


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Can't answer your Q but it's a tab bit late now if it does, might be better not to know the answer image.

    If it helps, I use weed and feed, it doesn't kill worms...and blackbirds, have flown in shortly after an application to feed on the lawn and they kept returning, they could have been different blackbirds each day through image.


  • If you look up the internet, you will see that Weed and Feed is poisonous for all animal and bird life.  Chickens should not be allowed to use a lawn which has been treated with weed and feed for several weeks, so it is bound to be dangerous to birds.  The internet warns of birds eating the pellets like grit and killing them.  The packet has no warnings, but it does say children and pets shouldn't be allowed to walk on it - that in itself is a warning.  The poison can be absorbed through the pads of the paws.  I am only going to use it in small areas which I can cover with chicken wire and netting, to prevent the birds landing on it.  I think the packet should have warnings and I think Gardener's world should do an item on it.

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