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How did I kill my Calluna?

I've two Calluna (garden girls) in pots; only bought last year.

One died a few weeks ago.  The other looks to be going the same way.

I've just looked them up on RHS plant selector and noticed that although it says full sun it says north west or east.  Do you think I've frazzled them in my south facing spot?

Or could it be watering them with tap water? (my camellia are ok though and they've been tap watered so it can't be that my tap water is very alkaline.)


  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    I grow mine in Eracsius compost  and give them rainwater same as  azaleas . But they can easily dry out . Early days I  tried with quite a few differant ones and lost them . The above way is the only way I seem to be keeping them . I have them in the same flower bed as Camelia's and Azalea's. 

    Your doing well with your Camelia if your using tap water .

    You cant seem to get Peat these days but isnt that what heather on the moor's grows in ,  and that spreads well ?

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