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Poorly Juniperus Squamata 'Blue Carpet'


I wonder if anyone can help me with some conifers, please? I have four Juniperus Sqamata 'Blue Carpet' in various locations around the garden - two larger ones on a north facing slope/ rockery which have been there 3 years, and two small ones planted late last summer in a shady bed. All four appear to be dead this spring - yellowy brown throughout, with maybe a little green at their centres. What's causing it, are they dead and can I fix it?




  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    How very odd - I have one that is sick too - its about 12 years old and up to this spring has been lovely and blue and flat - it is now, like yours, yellow/brown and unhappy.  Hope there is not some dread disease of junipers about.  Let's hope someone knows an answer. 

  • cuckoonestcuckoonest Posts: 2

    I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow. A bit of googling suggests it could be spider mites or canker, but  I am not sure how to treat either.

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