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daphne odorata,

To my great surprise the variegated Daphne Odorata  I bought at Wyvale, on special half price offer, and brought to my Umbrian mountain garden, is romping away. My previous experience with them, and I have had many, is slow growth.

This one, on heavy clay and rock, is in three years about 5 times the size it was when  planted! It is mainly growing out rather than up though, and I am concerned that when it has 3' of snow on it again it will break the branches...spread of 5' now...Any ideas how I may support it?


  • ha ha Tetley...yes I am. I have grown lots, some even from cuttings very successfully, but never as good as this. It was covered in flowers both years. Really chuffed, just don't want to return in March to find it all snapped off!

  • My mum had a glorious tree of it in Devon, at least 6' high, and a good 4' diameter.

    When she died I took cuttings from it, and managed to keep the strain going for years by giving cuttings to friends in the hope that I could always get some of it back if needed.

    I wish mine would grow up rather than along! It has survived 4' of snow in each of its first 2 winters here in Umbria, so I have high hopes. 

    Where are you Verdun? PLant pots is a good idea...I shall try it, doesn't matter what it looks like as nobody will be here!

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