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my curcubit plants are dying off

Hi All,  I germinated some squash seeds, butter nut, onion, turks cap, acorn  etc, some my mum gave me and these were doing just fine for a while.  Last week after a couple of days in the cold frame, one by one they turns their toes up and died.  They were watered with rainwater, kept a little on the dry side.  On PM there is a good root system, no sign of aphid and no pinching at the neck where I would have expected to see if it was neck rot and that wasn't blackened.  They haven't been overwatered and there's been no frost.

Has anyone any ideas on why this could have happened?


  • granmagranma Posts: 1,914

    It could have been the rainwater if it was from a waterbutt. I find that tepid tapwater is best for seeds and seedlings. I dont use the rainwater until the plants are the full size. As I have had problems with damping off. I enquired at the garden center , they said unless rainwater is coming from the skies  onto the plants it isnt fresh . while it is in the waterbutt it can get contaminated while it is stood. so maybe it was that

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