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Do I need to adjust the RPM? New petrol mower

I've just put together my new "TRUESHOPPING 99CC Petrol Mower" Filled with oil until it measured full on the oil dip stick. Put enough petrol in to start it and let it run but it sounds great without issues. I've provided a video below that I've just uploaded to YouTube. Should I increase the RPM of the engine? The blade is rated for 2,500RPM


  • The last one was my Strimmer which runs a treat. This is about my Petrol Mower that's from the same company. I've made a quick recording, I'm just wondering whether or not I should increase the engine speed?
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 17,068

    Are you doing a quick add for the product whilst your at it Rhys?

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  • It will be pre factory set up you could do more harm than good by changing the air fuel mixture or turning the screw to let it Rev more
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