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This is my first post here and I really wanted some specialist to help me out here. I was going through this article: Using Kitchen Waste to Improve Your Garden 

The thing is I've read similar blogs but everything gives ideas.. and we very well know what and how is good for garden and the growth of it. But have anyone got a good design, like design of water conserving, by directing the dish washed or first wash water to be directed to the garden. Or, say a waste pit, but neat and tidy, and out put simply easy for even the kids to handle it without feeling about hygiene. Hope I do make some sense, and looking for a positive response.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,300

    Hi Paul and welcome.

    Basically what you're talking about is what is called " grey water"

    Can I suggest you google something like "using grey water in the garden"?

    Hope you find something useful

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