dahlias for cut flowers

cody smithcody smith Posts: 81

does anyone no some good dahlias to grow for cut flowers i have got 11 at the at the moment and would love to grow more.

the ones i have got are  pinelands princess,mels orange marmalade,mero star,chocolate and candy,dimond jubilee,cactus mixed,pon pon mix,jane,purple haze,garden wonder,omega,



  • I grow over 100 dahlias in the ground and in pots. All dahlias are, by definition, great cut flowers.  You could choose the varieties with your eyes closed and you wouldn't go far wrong! Go for it and enjoy.image

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    I had a packet of "giant flowered"dahlia seed last year. I grew about a dozen plants and they flowered all autumn. I used them for cut flowers. I lifted the tubers, overwintered them and replanted in pots when they started shooting. They are now about 6 inch high and ready for planting out. If you want a range,  this is a cheap option to get a lot. unnamed varieties may not be suitable for the show people, but they are great as cut flowers.image

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Another reason for cutting is that it stimulates even more flowers, and saves on the deadheading chore.image

  • cody smithcody smith Posts: 81

    thanks for that imageimage


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