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My husband's hobby is woodturning which produces a large quantity of wood chips - all types of wood.  We use some of them in our compost boxes between the grass cuttings and even supply several friends to do the same.  However we still have much more so can we use them as mulch under our beech hedged or on the vegetable garden or are there any other uses in the garden?

Your views would be welcome.

Linda Martin-Law


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    When rotted down they are fine for use in the garden. There is always a question of whether industrial chemicals have been used as preservatives but I'd expect it would still be OK.

    Fresh wood chips absorb nutrients (mainly nitrogen, I think) from the soil as they rot down. I'd suggest  finding  a corner of the garden somewhere out of sight and stack it there, possibly covered over, to let it rot down. It might take two or three years but it should eventually make good stuff for mulching / digging in.

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    I use what has been thrown out of the shredder, woodchips mostly though some dead stalks from last year's perennials. I put it around any newly planted stuff as a moisture retainer. I've never had any problem that I can put down to this and it works really well.

    I don't store it unless I don't currently need any

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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