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Advise needed

Hi everyone, just am in the middle of having my garden relandscaped and am having 3 large raised beds built out of brick to protect any crop from my dogs.  The plan is to plant out properly next year, probably growing veg in at least 2 of them.  I want to put something in this year for colour and to help protect from weeds so the soil will be good next year.  Soil texture is excellent & ph was 7.5 when I tested a few years ago.  The beds will get a reasonable amount of sun but are quite high so I don't want anything too tall in them.  happy to buy plug plants if it gets me some colour & coverage quickly.

Thanks! Roisin


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I would have thought that annual bedding plants would be perfect for you - things like lobelia cascading down the sides, and shorter flowering annuals, such as alyssum or the shorter bedding asters, on top.

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