Honeysuckle Issue

I planted some Honeysuckle against an east facing wooden fence last year. The plants developed a white mould issue which I treated with a branded spray treatment. It worked to some degree, but spread very quickly, almost destroying the plants. I carefully removed all signs of the issue and cleared away all dead and dying vines. This year the plants have grown very well and I have monitored daily, but applied no treatment. We have just had a few days of rain in the South East and inspecting them today, I have found black spots on yellow leaves which fall away at the slightest touch and the mould is back. HELP, I love HoneySuckle!!!!!


  • John473John473 Posts: 59


    Anthing like this? I love honeysuckle too but each year I find it infested with white fly and then the leaves turn black and yellow and dies- no flowers at any stage. It used to flower up to a couple of years ago. 

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