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Has anyone else been having problems with theirs?

Got mine in a 9cm pot back in late April and planted it in free draining and moist site, a little sun but shady most of the day - the bursery sold it as plant suitable for shade. My other one is in a brighter, sunnier spot, also free-draining.

I know it has been unseasonably cold and grey, but is it normal that they still look like small, shrivelled things with only 2 teeny bright green leaves, a month on?

Am I expecting miracles, given the rubbish Spring, should I move them or give up?!




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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,641

    Mine are in shade most of the year except at the height of summer but the soil is moist even in summer and quite damp in winter.  They're growing well and spreading at a reasonable rate.

    Maybe yours are just a bit too cold this year and maybe too dry.   Try watering them in dry spells and then be patient and wait for some warmth to get them going.

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  • AtillaAtilla Posts: 1,493

    They need well draining soil. They are forest plants, so used to soil being on the dry side.

    I have Hakonechloa macra 'Alboaurea' and it is in semi-shade and doing well this year - it is in a large well draining pot.


  • thanks obelixx - due to the rubbish Spring, they have been cold and always moist...I guess I have to be patient...do they need any special soil? Can't wait 'til mine spread a bit!

  • thanks blairs - they are both in very well-drained soil on my shadier/foresty area of the garden...I wonder, once established, if they pick up much faster in the Spring as well...

  • Thanks Verdun. Ah all you people with thriving Haks  image

    Actualy, the ground they are in is always moist - especially recently - but never dries out. They also went into new compost mixed in with well rotted stuff too. Fresh start.

    In the brief time since they've been planted, we've had a week of dry and warm weather during which I watered them additionally.

    I am trying to do everything they need - honest!



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    I just saw this thread and I think part of the problem is that any plant going from a little pot into the ground this spring is going to struggle.  Up here in Scotland most small plants bought in early spring  would have a tough time establishing as they are often last year's cuttings or seedlings which have just been potted on - but they're  tiny as they haven't had time yet to grow a decent rootball. I usually wait a month or two with anything that size before I put it in the ground. Verdun's advice is right- pot it on and give it a little time and I'm sure it'll come away. They are lovely plants.image

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