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Bee hive

DorisduckDorisduck Posts: 22

This will be the 3rd year we have had the hive but no bees yet.  A friend is hoping to be able to give us a swarm but no luck so far.  As a novice I am wondering if the small bar at the bottom entrance is there to prevent a Queen from flying out so is it feasible that turning it up the other way then one could fly in ? Or is that nonsense? 



  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 806

    I think that if you want to take up beekeeping, you'll need to find out a bit more about it. You don't just get a hive and wait for the bees to come - it needs to be actively managed. If left to themselves, a new colony won't survive long, mainly because of disease.Honeybees rely very much on human management for their survival. Beekeepers usually start out with a "nucleus" of bees plus a queen (although a swarm may function in much the same way) but you need to know how to inspect the frames, how to check for disease, how to identify the queen and how to know whether she's mated successfully , when and how to feed the bees,... and so much more. It's a very rewarding hobby (my husband is a beekeeper). so it's worth finding out a bit more and then deciding whether it's something you'd like to take on.

  • DorisduckDorisduck Posts: 22

    Thank you for replying and for voicing your concerns. Two people will give us bees if they are able but their own bees have been struggling to survive so not happened yet.  I have all the equipment and when I have bees  will be supervised while I learn. I have read several books so hopefully will be helping the bee population, not causing them any suffering or losses.  Just wondered as have seen several bees flying near the hive and some crawling on the bar at the bottom.   


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