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Lady Banks rose

 I have a rampant Lady Banks rose (at least, I think it is a named derivative of this but I've lost the name and can't find anything on the net to help identify it). It has gorgeoous foliage that clothes one of the supports of my pergola beautifully and has clusters of white roses in May. It has been in my garden for only two years but has already climbed onto the roof of the pergola. Because the stems are quite soft and thornless, I've been able to train it around the pillar. However, most of the flower buds are at the top. I realise this is natural since the stems are wound around a pillar rather than trained sideways, but I'm wondering whether there are ways of helping it flower lower down. Also, does it flower on last year's wood? I have to prune it a bit to stop it from filling the sitting area of the pergola! I'd like to work out the best time to do this and wonder whether good pruning would encourage lower flowering. Many thanks in advance.

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