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Hello all, My problem is that this weekend I will be going away for 4 days (sunday AM-wednesday PM) and I dont know what to do with my tomatoe plants while I am away. They are still being hardened off so they are not actually in my garden yet, and I dont really have a neighbour I can ask to look after them/water them for me.


They are still only small, one of them (the beef tom plant) has 5 buds now, one is flowering, the other two just have the leaves at the moment so i have been putting them out all day in the sun and bringing them in at sunset when it is cooler, so I am wondering if I should;

Put them out now day and night, either in a mini green house or just in their pot and put a drip feeder next to each one of their roots to water them gradually for the days I am away,

Or leave them indoors the whole time Im away, just in their pot again with the drip feeder?

(by drip feeder I mean just water, I havnt started them on tomatoe plant feed yet)


Thankyou for any help!


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Dotty, if they're at hardening-off stage they won't need watering while you're away. They will cope perfectly well for four days on their own. Tomato roots should never be permanently damp.

    Where they go for the four days depends on what your day and night temps are like. What are they currently?

  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,571

    Dotty - agree completely with Italophile re watering. Give them a nice drink before you leave & make sure they are not in full blazing sunlight for hours at a time (although it is a Bank Holiday so you're probably safe on that second one!!) & they'll be fine.

    I garden in sunny Suffolk & have been leaving my toms and other tenders out at night for the last 3 or 4 days. I leave them in a sheltered spot where they won't be damaged if the wind picks up & keep an eye on the weather forecast to put them inside if the temp dips below about 7 - 8C. They are fine & you could probably start doing the same.

    I would check the Met Office 5 day forecast before you go. If it's set to be balmy - no worries - perhaps dig holes in a spare bit of border to stand the pots in to make them more stable (and also absorb a bit of moisture from the soil).

    If it looks as though it could get chilly I'd think about the mini greenhouse - perhaps with the door open so the structure just provides a bit of extra shelter but the plants don't bake during the day. The open greenhouse option might also be a good bet if your area is forecast for windy weather - I've had more plants damaged by strong winds (whether drying out / knocking over or snapping stems) than I have by lack of water.

    Enjoy your break!!


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