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Gaura passionate rainbow

I have two of these which I bought earlier this year in (I think) 2 litre pots from Paddock Plants and planted in the garden.  They haven't flowered but the foliage is very pretty so I can live with that.  They are massive and rather floppy and I'm not sure what to do with them to see them through the winter.  I could just leave them sprawling around or cut them back and mulch.  Any advice?


  • Problem; I haven't got a GH so I think I'll have to risk it.  I think I'll leave the top growth on to protect them a bit although if it' carries on being so wet that could be the death of them.  I'll take cuttings for insurance.  Do they usually flower in their first year or do they take a while to mature?

  • Thank you, I'll do that.  Wonder why mine didn't flower, strange.

  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 652

    I have Gaura Cherry Brandy which I planted 2 years ago here in the north east flowering lovely at the moment just put a lot of alpine grit when planted it and a mulch back end of October as come through winter so far touch wood

  • Plenty of sunshine but the soil may well be too rich as I've spent ages trying to improve it and they've had more than enough water as it's been so wet. It's all beginning to make sense!  I'll cut them back and protect the crown with a fleece tent.  In the spring, I think I'll move them to a drier place and dig some horticultural grit in.  Thank you both very much image

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