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I am not a keen gardener by a million miles but I really do need to sort the moss out in my front lawn - the garden is appoximately 8m x 6m so it is only small but I would say that currently 75% is moss and 25% grass.

I went to a garden centre today and purcharsed some grass feed, weed and moss killer which I know will probably turn my whole lawn black.  I then believe I have to leave it for 2 weeks from the date I spread the weed and feed and then rake the lawn to remove all the moss and then mix grass seed with compost and scatter across the lawn.

My concern is that once I have turned my lawn black because it is so full of moss that the lawn will not recover and I will end up with a dirt field.

I have raked the garden today to try and remove some of the moss before I start and there is so much.

I am considering for the next 3 monthsto  rake my lawn every week to continue to remove more moss and then carry out the weed, feed and reseed in early August - but dont know if this is a good idea.

Could someone please advise me accordingly - I really do not know what to do but dont want to end up with an expensive returfing exercise if I can avoid it.

Your help and advice would be most appreciated.



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Is the lawn shaded?  Or have you got a drainage problem?  Or cutting and not removing the cuttings can encourage moss.

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