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Busy Lizzie

I have finally managed to grow some Busy Lizzies from seed The problem is that although the plants look very healthy there are no flowers and it doesn't look as though there will be any Anyone know why this would be ?

Caz 66


  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    You wont yet-you will soon-just a waiting game -it is only Mayimage

    Where are they now?

  • MerryTerryMerryTerry Posts: 4

    If they are the standrd Busy Lizzies. i.e.not New Guinea Hybrids you will might find that eventually they will succumb to downy mildew which, according to the professionals, has become endemic. For your sake I hope they dont. My local nursreyman has stopped selling them as he had so many complaints. I only grow the New Guinea Hybrids now as they do not suffer the same problem.

  • Caz66Caz66 Posts: 3

    Thank you lazy gardener and MerryTerry Will just have to wait and see Have put them outside to harden off  


  • cairnsiecairnsie Posts: 388

    Mine are the same and havent flowered yet i have had them outside ages also.

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