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Hardy Annuals

I'm thinking of sowing some hardy annual this month. If I leave them in the greenhouse, bog standard un-heated, will they still survive the winter. 

I live in the north east of England, it can get pretty cold where I live, as I am on the edge of the city and am semi rural. 

Any tips? Insulate the greenhouse with bubble wrap. Individual plastic covers for the trays. There's not really a lot of room in the house and come winter the central heating is on.


  • They'll survive if you can get them to germinate. It's been very cool recently even in the GH's.

  • I've probably space to germinate in the house, but once I start putting them into individual cells I won't have the room. 

  • Many hardy annuals can be sown directly in the garden at this time of year. I've never had much success doing this, however!

  • I often sow Cornflower, Calendula and sometimes Poppies at this time of year. Cornflower and Calendula will germinate inside or somewhere a few degrees warmer than it is outside at the moment and then they go outside where they stay for most if not all of the winter. I don't prick them out into individual pots but sow all in a windowbox type plastic container and add a little more compost to them once they've about 3 or 4 sets of leaves on them. If the winter is really bad like it was a few years ago then I'd put them in my plastic bubble wrapped (in winter sometimes) growhouse. Once the daffs are starting to bloom I transplant them out where I want them to flower. I live in N.I. Good luck

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