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Eating my Poppys Grrrrr !

Hi, Can any one help ?

Looking round my garden this morning and my small wild poppys that were all in bud ready to flower have vanished, just the buds gone leaving the stalks and leaves as if not touched, looks like you snipped bud of with sciccors !!! so annoying as would of flowered in a few days, there about 3 years old and look fresh, could it be a squirrel ? theres no signs of rabbit droppings, i have seen mice and we have a wide varity of birds but never a problem, so strange as its just the buds on both my poppy patches which are a few metres apart and one lot is in the ground and one lot in a low container !!! Help,



  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540

    I sympathise Sair, I have just lost a whole plant to slugs. I am going to try the garlic liquid recipe.

  • I've had exactly the same problem. It seems to happen overnight but there are no footprints or slug/snail trails to give any clues. However, this morning I saw a juvenile starling having a close look at a low hanging bud. Could it be dawn bird visitors that are the culprits? I now have multiple buds and, finally, one flower has made it. Could they provide early (day and season) bird food until something else gets more abundant?

  • KezzaKezza Posts: 90

    Hi Sair118

    Might it be ants ?  I had 3 or 4 of my beautiful St George tulips chopped off at the top this year, I wondered what it was as the first 3 were just lopped off with what looked like scissors, but a couple of days later, I watched in anger as a big black ant was climbing round and round the stalk decapitating another tulip flower, so sorry to say peeps, but I pulled the flower off and squished him deadimage


    Just a thought that it might be ants ???


    Last year the only plants in my garden to be destroyed were my new Barlow Black Aqualegias - I too thought it was mice at the time, but now wonder if it was antsimage

  • Solved! This year I had dozens of poppy plants ready to flower. They are two varieties, the bright red with a black 'eye' in the centre and the 'normal' wild type that is slightly less intense red. The culprits are starlings. I heard a huge racket outside the bedroom window early one morning and looked out. There were several starlings all over the plants (about 12 - 18 tall, well grown plants) and one bird was on the grass in front of the border with a bud in its beak. One or two flowers have made it and there are lots of buds still coming so there might, possibly be a show of poppies. I love seeing all the starlings as well so I wouldn't want to deter them. Watching them going over the grass and aerating it as they pick out the cutworms is great viewing.

  • Oh, and there's an aquilegia mixed in with the poppies - they had a go at that as well but it obviously didn't taste so good and they've left it alone.


  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 512
    Yes it is starlings as my son has seen them doing it in his garden. I wonder if the fresh petals are sweet to eat because the seeds would not be ripe to eat.
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