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friends wedding yesterday

Hello all

I just wanted to share with you my wonderful day yesterday.


Hubby and I were invited to my friends wedding, they only wanted very close friends and immediate family so about 30 people were invited.

The wedding was held in a beautiful registry office, which was an old merchants house rather than the usual dingy council offices.

The weather remained dry even though rain was forecast!

The bride wore a vintage style ankle length length t-dress  rather than the usual oversized dresses normally favoured.

We didn't know any of the guests having not met her friends or family before but everyone soon started coming up to us and introducing themselves and made us feel very welcome.

The bridal couple asked me to help the photographer call out names and round up guests, I was so nervous as I didn't want other guests thinking I was interfering but when I explained they said it was cool and they wouldn't have minded anyway.

I think most guests contributed somehow towards their wedding, either making something or doing something on the day so it truly was a private loving wedding.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself helping the photographer, and once the group shots were taken we could relax and look at the artistic shots such as closeups of the flowers.

The reception was platters of sandwiches, with pimms or fruit cocktail. The speeches were very relaxed with breaks between each one.  Then a beautiful cake was cut.

I was asked again to help take more artistic shots with the bride and groom - sitting on a sofa, bride looking out the window or on the stairs.

After the photos were taken, the photographer offered me a job as his photography assistant, the biggest job he has next is in August at the castle with150 guests and 10hrs it woUld be an experience but, I'm turning it down it isn't right to go off with a bloke for a day when your married even if it is for specific reasons.  Anyway he didn't want to pay much either.

The wedding was beautifully relaxing, warm and loving and the grooms speach brought tears to all the girls eyes.

There was no evening reception, the bridal couple were having dinner with their parents and the guests didn't mind.

I had such a lovely day I just had to share it - I hope you don't mind as its not gardening related.






  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    I know how you feel VP my Daughter got married on Sunday May 5th her birthday and it has lifted my spirits no end.
    All the family and friends took over a local Hotel under Roseberry Topping the Cleveland Hills and it was one lovely day and also bright and sunny for the photo's in the gardens.
    A sit dowm meal disco till twelve and Dad's speech (me) got laughs tears and applause so I did not show them up, "again".
    I do remember being poured into my room although up bright and early for breakfast next day.
    They are still in Greece, the Daughter and Granddaughter from California flew back Thursday and yet I still have a buzz, lets us just enjoy it VP.


  • Weddings like that are fantastic and you tend to remember them for a long time.  My wedding was a brilliant day, sunshine so strong I got a little sunburnt whilst the photos were being taken (September, in England), really relaxed, sit down meal followed by a barn dance and buffet in the evening.  Lots of the guests were off-roading friends, and disappeared (some with spare seats offering to take other guests and children with them) between bun-fights to do a bit of gentle green -laning, as the hotel was near some great lanes (one of the reasons we chose that hotel).

    We had some brilliant photos, as I bought my new Husband, Best Man and Ushers lightsabres from Firebox as wedding presents.  You've never seen 4 thirty-somethings more excited over their toys, and had to be called in as they were nearly causing accidents by staging play-fights in the grounds and car park (we were alongside an a-road).  The cake was a talking point too, we had a 'stuck' land rover like ours, and two bears in suit/wedding dress, complete with bridal wellies and mud on the hem of the dress.  That cake still gets talked about, my Mum is still appalled that we had a novelty cake and didn't go with the more traditional flowers!

    Not everything was traditional, but it was the way we wanted it, everyone that came said they had a fantastic time, from my Uncle Colin who was impressed by the vintage bus we had to take people from the hotel, to church, then back to the reception, to one of our teenage off-road friends and his girlfriend, who had never been to a barn dance before and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Even my oldest sister's husband got up to dance, and that's unheard-of.

    Really glad that we had a day where everyone enjoyed themselves.  Lots of photos on the off-roading website too!

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