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when tidying up the garden yesterday I couldnt believe my eyes, our ceanothus has starting to flower ! I hope it still flowers in the spring. Other plants acting unusual are the dogwood also flowering again and the garya still has its catkins ??


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,518

    Well, the primroses have just started to flower.

  • mushermusher Posts: 389
    Mine has well Jane. and it will
  • I too noticed last week that my Ceanothus has also got some flowers buds.  It was flowering in Spring when I bought them, didn't realise they could flower twice in a year.  I have a variegated variety, El Dorado, very pretty.

    I would like to clip them into a formal hedge shape, but have read they don't like being pruned.  Does anybody have any advice about how to do so, or should I completely avoid?

  • mushermusher Posts: 389
    Breath taking if their electric blue. I've only seen them used once in a hedge row. And it was exactly that breath taking. just a fully charged electric blue halo enveloped the entire hedge.

    I don't think you can cut them back hard. just a light trim. It effects the flowering. I think some flower on the previous years growth. And others on this seasons growth.
  • Don't cut them back too hard, or they will die. That is what I did, and that's what happened. image

  • Thanks all.  It was just a light prune I was thinking of, but they have grown so much that it would be a bit more than that, if I were to prune them in line with the edge of the container.  I think I'll leave well alone and enjoy them as nature intended. I have what else can I trim?

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