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Has anyone got any advise on growing Bluebells from seed. how long will I have to wait to see them and is it easy?  Thanks


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    They're easy. Sow when they're ripe and dropping off the plant, (or at that time if year if you're buying)  put them outside and wait. You'll have to wait a few years for flowers, most bulbs aren't that quick. I did have some alliums flower in 2 years on one occasion but mostly longer

  • Could I suggest you don't collect seeds from wild bluebell as our native variety is in serious decline due to people picking them and unscrupulous dealers digging the bulbs out the ground to sell.

    Also the Spanish Blundell is invading our countryside which is having a massive detrimental affect on our native Bluebell population.

    Would you please buy seeds from a reputable source and make sure they are the British not Spanish Bluebell seeds you buy.  This way you help our failing bluebell population whilst enjoying the growing of them.


    Sorry to interfere but I feel so strongly about our native wild flowers, including cowslips and wild primroses as well as our ragged robbin which is scarcely seen today.


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    Lots of useful information here image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    If you don't already have plants, it might be worth buying a pot of bluebells in flower now and collecting the seed from them. Fresh seed is likely to give better results.

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    I think that would be the most reliable way Patsy.

    Hi VP, good points, not interfering. You're allowed to interfere anyway, your view is as important as anyone else's.image

  • Parts of my garden are over run with Bluebells., Spanish unfortunately,  I pull the flower heads off before the seed pods ripen, dig the bulbs up  and I'm still over run with them.  I think they look wonderful in their natural woodland setting in spring, I just don't want them in vading my paths, rockery and heather bed.

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