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Hello there, i'm new to the forum. My problem is, i bought a plum tree and it seems to have two main leaders. The tree is around 2 years old, It comes out the ground about 2-3 inches then splits into 2. One of them is almost straight up, the other goes off to the side. They are both the same size, when pruning what do you think is best to do? 




  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    Firstly what shape are you planning? Is it going to be a stand alone tree in the middle of the garden, or fan trained against a wall? Mine are trained against a south facing wall using guide wires. The wall really helps ripen the fruit also the tree takes up less room! If you decide on a fan technique, put some guide wires on the wall, then tie the 2 leaders in, the one going straight up, tie it so it's under slight tension going away at the same angle as the other leader. Over time gradually bring the straight one to same angle as the other. Then slowly begin pulling both down towards the horizontal. In the meantime you should find new buds begin shooting, with some carefully pruning and tying in, you should be able to create an 8 - 10' horizontal (from the original 2 leaders) with a vertical branch every foot or so, each of which is maybe 6-8 feet long all producing fruit! Bear in mind this is something that will take years to achieve, but on completion, will look stunning a provide a great crop year on year. Good luck!

  • Billy CBilly C Posts: 7

    Stand alone tree, will the leaders cause and problem for each other?

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    If a stand alone, I'd take a third back off both leaders to about an inch above a dormant bud. That should make it sprout out like crazy, keep taking top third of shoots til you get desired shape. Good luck.

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