a little tip

A cheap tip that works,without harming anything, put a ring of vaseline around your tubs now to prevent slugs,weavels and ants getting at your plants,i also put a ring around the fruit trees to stop the coddling moth crawling up and infesting the flowers,and it also stops ant from going up. it really works and is much cheaper than grease bands x


  • Thank for a great tip Gail image

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Agree a hundred percent re fruit trees, but it has never worked agains slugs or snails for me.  Maybe I am not generous enough?  Anyway, I would drop the pot when I tried to move it.  All 65 of my hosta pots have copper ings around them, that also helps greatly. 

  • i have put a picture on here somewhere of my hosta usuall sripped bear by now and not a mark on it x


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