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    Lyndsey M wrote (see)

    Please don't use Jeyes fluid around cats, its extremely toxic to them. I know they can be a nuisance but killing someone's pet is a bit extreme. Waterpistols work well or you could try sprinkling pepper or chilli powder around your plants.

    Cats will not touch anything with Jeyes Fluid on it, they keep well away. You can ask my two!

  • I have decided that nothing works!!  It's not the neighbours cats that are a problem it is my own! I have tried everything - I recently tried teabags with muscle ache spray as someone told me this works.  It doesn't.  My two cats just dig up the teabags and move them out of the way.  Also tried the sprinkler. One of my cats now just has a poo on the utility floor and the other just plays chicken with it, waiting for it to move in the other direction and then shooting in the veg patch to do his business.  If he mis-times it he just sits there and finishes what he's doing, has a good shake (a bit like a dog) and then strolls off as though nothing has happened.  My daughter reminded me that when he was a kitten he used to get in the bath with her!  They are now both 16 now so I guess the only thing to do is wait....image

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    Do not waste your time on fluids, 'anti cat plants' and other crap people keep spewing.

    There are 2 ways to stop cats digging (which is hiding their poo):

    1. Have plants! Ie do not have areas of bare ground/earth.

    2. If you do have areas of bare ground (waiting for bulbs/perennials etc) then put lots of bamboo sticks around to physically stop them getting there. Remove sticks as the plants grow.

    Easy and cost free.

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    Hi Red John,i have been on this site for a long time with cat problems,long story short ,, over ??500 now spent on fences and deterants,the one that works IS Jeyes fluid ready to use one or dilute yourself they do work Wilcos is so far cheapest also sprayed t bags just under the soil also works, i personaly simply spray on the soil in over 3/4 months or more now NO cats have returned until yesterday when i planted something and forgot to spray around it ,jeyes will kill weeds or plants so you have to not spray too close to your plants, it took about a week to kick in and then i sprayed once a month or even less, But it does work ,
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    I said a lot of people have trouble with cats i will still try the jeyes thanks to every one image

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488
    red john wrote (see)

    I said a lot of people have trouble with cats i will still try the jeyes thanks to every one image

    What is the point when it will wash away after the first rain? Use sticks to form a is theonly way. You are wasting time and money on any fluid.

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